River Bend Boat Club



                                    2017 & 2018



                                 PRESIDENT:                               Steve Wisner                             B/L 77/13 


                                 FIRST VICE PRESIDENT:        John Spates                              B/L 77/10                        

                                 SECOND VICE PRESIDENT:   Paul Dowling                            B/L 139/107 

                                 SECRETARY:                              Heidi Easterday                       B/L 79/22

                                 TREASURER:                              Sandy Bowman                        B/L 77/28                   

                                 ASSOCIATE OFFICER ONE:    Bill Bussard                             B/L 77/27

                                 ASSOCIATE OFFICER TWO:   Allen Graybill                          B/L  63/7                    


                HIGH WATER observations BY BOAT CLUB MEMBERS PAUL AND Vickie Dowling.

  What is most useful are the predicted and current levels at Paw Paw and Hancock. We get Hancock’s water within hours. I have learned that a level of 19’ at Hancock comes right to the top of the bank at my lot, which happens to be THE LOWEST LOT IN RIVER BEND! Their levels DO NOT translate foot to foot. In other words, if the river rises 3’ at Hancock, it doesn’t mean it will rise 3’ at River Bend, but it will rise, more like 1-1/2’.

Monday’s (4/16/2007) level of 21.36 feet came to the front of my trailer, right at the base of the jack, and just got to the bottom of the rims on my wheels. That is on the lowest trailer in the park! I was prepared to move it, but by watching the Hancock gauge, I knew I was OK. Most members should be OK if the Hancock level stays below about 23-24’. Now Winter ice jams are another story!







Friday June 1, thru Saturday June 30, 2018:  Nominations for RBBC Election.

Saturday June 16, 10am-Noon. Membership renewal and key exchange at the parking lot by the guard shack.

Sunday July 1 thru Tuesday July 31, 2018: RBBC Election Vote.

Sunday July 1, Last day to turn in registration forms for the Youth Fishing Tournament. Turn in no later than 4pm to any RBBC officer.

Friday July 13, 6pm. Meeting at Sandy Bowman's lot 77/28 to prepare for the fishing tournament.

Saturday July 14, 6am Youth Fishing Tournament. Sign-in 6-6:30am at Pavilion 2 by the horseshoe pits. Fishing 6:30-10am.

Saturday August 4, Advanced reservations are required by August 4, for RBBC Picnic. See any Boat Club Officer to reserve your spot. 

Saturday August 11, 12-2pm. RBBC Picnic at Pavilion 2 by the horseshoe pits.

Saturday August 11, 2018 Announce the Winners of the Election at Boat Club Picnic.



RBBC web page: http://www.riverbendboatclub.webs.com  

RBBC Facebook Page:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=281246580744